Need to borrow 700 dollars today or by tomorrow? Whether you call it a “payday loan,” “cash advance,” or “check loan,” chances are you’re talking about the same thing: a short-term loan you can avail even if you have no credit history.(up to 18 days, depending on country of residence). Typically available in smaller dollar amounts, a 700 dollar payday loan is to cover those “I need money now” expenses and bridge any financial gaps until the following payday.

No matter where you receive your guaranteed payday loan—a main street shop or online— the service generally works the same way: a customer goes through a short application process. Afterward a few verifications which may include bank, income and credit, the customer receives a small dollar loan amount best suited for their situation and needs. In most instances, applicants then use their payday loan to cover the costs of unexpected personal expenses without having to ask friends and family for money or incur additional costs from bouncing a check with their bank.


Fees vary by country and the amount of money requested for your loan. If you need money quickly, An instant approval payday loan will usually deliver a fixed fee that is a set dollar amount for every $100 borrowed. Licensed short term lenders’ fees range from about $15 to $27 per $100 depending on the regulations of your state (to view a representative APR in your state, (visit our fees page).

To give you an example, a typical APR for a 14 day Payday Loan of $400.00 has an APR of 570.31% which is a finance charge of $100.00. Examine what your fees and APR might be for our low interest rate payday loan based on your customized loan amount, duration (called the “loan term”) and state with our loan calculator.


In addition to being a short-term help, no credit check payday loans can be flexible in their repayment options. In some states, refinancing allows customers to continue their loan term in the event they are unable to pay it back on their next payday. A refinance usually includes paying only the original loan fees at the time of the original scheduled repayment date. But do bear in mind that refinancing does increase the overall price of the loan. Always borrow within your means so that you are able to return the payments on time. If you don’t really need to get a 700 dollar loan with bad credit, lenders are OK if you need less, say, a 100 dollar payday loan.


A short-term payday loan has a mixture of uses, all of which involve a decision of whether this type of loan is the right solution for the borrower. Typical uses include:

Make every bill payment on time.
Emergency car or utility expenses.
Bridging costs in medical or health related positions.
A readily available safety net in the event of unexpected life expenses.

We have been along the forefront of short-term lending integrity since day one. Despite negative publicity that occasionally swarms the payday loan industry, Loanorganics.com takes pride in its lending approach. The choices of where to insure your loan may seem endless but here are a few things to consider as to why we may be right choice for you:

State licensed and registered: Our accredited personal loan lenders and cash advance companies do not circumvent the law to make loans available. With state and Federal CFPB oversight, we offer safe and legitimate signature loans you can trust.
Loan Transparency: Review available loan amounts, APR and loan fees BEFORE you get your loan.
Funds the next business banking day*: No transfer fees and no lengthy approval process. Once approved and your contract is signed, your loan funds the next business banking day.

A payday loan shouldn’t add stress to your situation. That’s why we strive to make online lending simple. To get started on getting an emergency online loan, visit us on our website at Direct Payday Loans to receive our free offers now.

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